Theme Styling Test

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Heading level 2, which is the highest you should use

Heading level 3

Heading level 4

Heading level 5
Heading level 6

This is a paragraph of normal text. I’m making the line long enough to wrap so you can see the interline spacing.

Here’s another paragraph preceding a bullet list.

  • First item in bullet list is long so you can see how the list wraps.
  • Second item, with subitems following.
    • Subordinate, indented item, also long enough to wrap.
    • More…
      • Another level of indentation
      • That’s enough indentation
    • Out
  • Out

A brief paragraph following the list.

What about numbered lists?

  1. The first item, which is long enough to wrap, not that the line spacing is likely to be different from that of bullet lists.
  2. Second item.
    1. Addendum to second item.
    2. Further thoughts on item 2.
  3. And what about the third item?

How about block quotes?

This is a wise saying someone once said.

Person who said it.

Here’s a different style of quote.

Something I said in the article that I want to emphasize!