The Joy of Research

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Ah, the joy of research! It’s amazing how much research writers use to build purely imaginary science fiction and fantasy worlds. And I love it. There are the tiny little bits of research that make pleasant diversions (hey, what’s the etymology of spick-and-span anyway?) and the big chunks of research that are a necessary part of realistic world- and alien-building (carapaces and mandibles and cuttlefish, oh my!). As long as you don’t get lost down a research rabbit hole, and words still get written, research can be great refreshment for the imagination. And sometimes, indulging in “research” and random facts can inspire your writing.

Here are some excellent research-based sources of inspiration:

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What I’ve been up to lately, writing-wise:

The current chapter in my WiP (work-in-progress) seems to be all vibes, no driving plot action. It’s Chapter 6, so that’s far enough in that it should be okay, right? Right??

Things Shiny or Useful

Archive of all shiny or useful links:

Apex Mag wants (unpaid) slush readers:

Tade Thompson on synopses:

SFWA Safety Resources:

Close to You: Writing in Third Person Close:

Writing Tricks and Brain Hacks:

Upcoming Virtual Conventions/Workshops

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Can*Con (CAD$45), Oct 14-16, 2022:

World Fantasy Convention ($125), Nov 3-6, 2022:

The Nebula Conference ($150) is over for 2022, but purchasing a membership now still gets access to recorded panels and year-round special events:

Featured Market

Phantom wine 2022 Ghost Story Writing Contest wants ghost stories, only 250 entries accepted, winner takes $5,000.


Phantom Wine

Basics: ghost stories, up to 2,500 words, pays $5,000 to the winner, no reprints, due 10/31/22 or until full. Guidelines:

Market List Updates

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Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

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