Revising Parallel Scenes, plus Aswiebe’s Market List updates

Thoughts in Passing

Revising Parallel Scenes

All too often, the revision process involves simultaneously editing two (or more!) scenes to make them line up. This can happen when one scene is dependent on the other. It can happen when showing the same events from multiple different PoVs. It can happen when writing scenes out-of-sequence. It can even happen when the writer had a beautiful brainstorm late in the writing process and to set it up properly, they need to change earlier events to align. *cough, cough*

For on-paper revisions, it’s straightforward enough. Just print out copies of the relevant scenes and set them beside each other on the table. Scribble red ink here, there, and everywhere. Voila! But when moving around large chunks of text, digital revisions may be easier. This is when the idea of a “Working Scenes” file (or two!) comes in handy.

Consider it like a scratchpad. Mine is just an empty document, unless I’m actively working on meshing two scenes. Then I copy one of the scenes from my Work in Progress over into Working Scenes, arrange the file windows next to each other so I can see both at the same time, and adjust both at the same time. I usually keep the scene that needs the most work in the Work in Progress window, and the one that needs few or no adjustments in Working Scenes. If I do make changes in Working Scenes, I bold the section that will need to replace the original. If the changes are extensive enough, I replace the entire section in the original.

Once I’ve made my changes in both scenes, and moved the Working Scene changes back into the Work in Progress, it’s done! Then I delete the scene from Working Scenes. And voila, it’s a blank slate ready for the next round of adjustments!

What I’ve been up to lately, writing-wise:

Oh my slithy toves, let me warn you of the perils of the parenthetical “fix this later” note! Kidding. It’s actually a great tool, as long as you go back and fix things sooner-later instead of later-later. I … did not.

In happier news, today I have discovered that my shoulder-cat, Creamsicle, is happy to sit on my shoulders even when I am *not* sitting in a wingback chair. This is great, because my preferred “office chair” is actually an exercise ball with no back at all. I had been delaying putting it back at my desk because I like having Creamsicle keep me company. Now I know that I don’t need to give up either one. Of course, it’s too hot to work in my attic office in this hellish heatwave. But soon!

Me, with a cat draped around my shoulders like a scarf.

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Featured Market

The SciFidea Award contest is for Dyson Sphere-themed novels and novellas.

The submitted works should be within the realm of science fiction, and must show a new worldview that conforms with scientific logic.

The work involves both the technical setting of the Dyson Sphere (overall structure, the scale and the size, construction materials and methods, etc.) and the ecological environment of the internal civilization (gravity changes, alternation of day and night, species distribution, etc.).

The writing should be smooth, the imagination and speculation should be creative and novel, and the plot should convey a sense of wonder.


Basics: themed SF, 30,000 – 100,000 words, 10 winners earn $20,000, no reprints, due 8/31/23. Guidelines:

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