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NameMin WordcountMax WordcountWhat they wantFSFH/DFPay Per Word USD (originals)Flat Pay USD (originals)Payment NotesReprints (Paid)WebsiteNotesRecently Award-Nominated (Hugo, Nebula)
Aliens Among Us (Fahrenheit Books – Spekulative Stories Anthology Series ) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 11/30/24 or when full07,500All genres fiction and poetry, including SF, fantasy, and no-gore horror, themed to anthology title (aliens among us)YYY$0.100


Ghoulish Tales05,000Fun horrorNNY$0.100

Nhttps://ghoulish.rip/reopened-for-short-story-submissions-ghoulish-tales/ ONE-TIME SUBMISSION WINDOW: open until 3/29/24
Long Division: Stories of Social Decay, Societal Collapse, and Bad Manners (Bad Hand Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 5/1/24 UNTIL FULL05,000All genres, especially speculative, themed to subtitleYYY$0.100


Solidarity Forever Zine ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/1/24 – 4/7/240500All genres of fiction and poetry, including horror, themed to solidarity actionYYY$0.100


Train Tales (Fahrenheit Books – Spekulative Stories Anthology Series ) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 11/30/24 or when full07,500All genres fiction and poetry, including SF, fantasy, and no-gore horror, themed to anthology title (trains)YYY$0.100



Nhttps://uncannymagazine.com/submissions/Fast response time. Award-nominated
Worlds of Possibility (Julia Rios)05,000SF and fantasy fiction and poetry, with a sense of hopeYYN$0.100

Nhttps://worldsofpossibility.moksha.io/publication/1?ref=juliarios.com ONE-TIME SUBMISSION WINDOW: due 3/23/24
Cast of Wonders Podcast07,500Clean YA SF/F/HYYY$0.080
$100 flat for reprints, $20 for flash fictionYhttp://www.castofwonders.org/submissions/ONE-TIME 2024 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 3/16/24 – 3/31/24 Banned Books themed, closed 5/1/23 – 5/31/24 ### Query first for > 6,000 words.Award-nominated
Flame Tree Press ANTHOLOGY SERIES2,0004,000Frequent themed anthologiesYYY$0.080

Yhttps://blog.flametreepublishing.com/fantasy-gothic/topic/call-for-submissions ONE-TIME THEMED SUBMISSION WINDOWS: Moon Falling, moon-themed fantasy, folklore, and supernatural stories, due 4/7/24; Sun Rising, sun-themed fantasy, folklore, and science fiction stories, due 4/7/24
Haven Speculative06,000All speculative fiction and poetry, esp. climate themedYYY$0.080

Yhttps://www.havenspec.com/submitSUBMISSION WINDOWS: General submissions Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec. Limited demographic Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, and Nov. ANNUAL THEMED ISSUES: September Wet (water-themed climate fiction) and March Dry (desertification climate fiction)
Story Unlikely Magazine010,000All genres, incl. Fantasy and SFYYY$0.080
Max $200Yhttps://www.storyunlikely.com/#submit ONE-TIME SUBMISSION WINDOW until 9/29/24
Monstrous Magazine1,0001,500Horror and dark fantasy flash fictionNNY$0.060


Cursed Cooking ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/30/241004,000Horror themed to food, with recipeNNY$0.050

Yhttps://www.cateyepress.com/submissions Extended submission period for underrepresented groups: through 5/10/24
Songs from the Void (Max Blood) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL3,50012,000SF horror themed to spaceNYY$0.050


Tiny Tales Podcast5001,200All genres, with a fantastic elementYYY$0.050


Cold Anthology (Death’s Head Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/242,50010,000Horror themed to the coldNNY$0.040


Trollbreath Magazine1,5007,500Speculative fiction and poetryYYY$0.040

Yhttps://magazine.trollbreath.com/submissions/ Will consider reprints not previously available free online. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: first opens to submissions 12/1/24 – 12/31/24. ANNUAL SUBMISSION PERIODS: 12/1 – 12/31, 3/1 – 3/31, 6/1 – 6/31, 9/1 – 9/31
Fusion Fragment2,00015,000SFNYN$0.030
Pays CAD$.04/wd., max CAD$400Yhttps://www.fusionfragment.com/submissions/

Laughs in Space ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/7/242,0009,000Humorous SFNYN$0.026
Pays £10 per 500 words, up to £55Yhttps://theslab.press/calls-for-submission/

Lost Poetry Club, The PODCAST1,8003,000Speculative fiction and poetry, themedYYY$0.019
Pays £0.015Yhttps://www.thelostpoetryclub.com/submissions

Gallery of Curiosities PODCAST and Curiosities RECURRING ANTHOLOGY5002,500SF, fantasy, and horror with a strong emotional or psychological focusYYY$0.012
Pays £.01/wordYhttps://sarah-i-jackson.ghost.io/inner-worlds-zine/ SUBMISSION WINDOWS: Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct, marginalized authors 1st-14th of the month, general submissions 15th-31st
Boreal: An Anthology of Taiga Horror (Strange Wilds Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/15/24 – 4/1/242,0005,000Horror themed to the taiga, the boreal forest biomeNNY$0.010


Foofaraw2502,500Speculative and experimental fiction and poetryYYN$0.010
$10 minimumNhttps://foofaraw.press/submissions

Go West: Frontier Tales010,000Westerns, including weird westYNY$0.010


Apparatus Almanac: Gizmology & Technomancy, The (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL012,000Themed to science fantasy and fantasy scienceYYN$0.005
Pays $5/1,000 words.Yhttp://www.jayhenge.com/callforstories.html

Frontiers of Fright: A Southwestern Horror Anthology (Denver Horror Collective) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/241,0006,000Horror themed to the Southwest frontierNNY$0.005
Pays $10 for the first 1,000 words, plus $.005/word for later words.Nhttps://denverhorror.com/2024/01/08/submission-call-for-a-southwestern-horror-anthology/

Symphonies of Imagination0
Near-future hard SFNYN$0.005


Super Canucks ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/21/245003,500Speculative fiction themed to Canadian superheroes. Limited author demographic: CanadiansYYN

Othered (A Coup of Owls) ONE-TIME NOVELLA SERIES – DUE 4/1/24 – 4/30/2417,00025,000All genres, novella themed to being othered. Limited author demographic: underrepresented or marginalizedYYY
$158.98Pays £125Nhttps://acoupofowls.com/novellasubmissions/

Body Shots5,0007,500All genres, explicitly including speculative fiction, horror, and bizarroYYY
Nhttps://subtlebodypress.com/bodyshots Shorter and longer stories will also be considered, but are unlikely to be accepted.
No Sleep Podcast, The1,2002,499HorrorNNY
$125.00$0 for < 1,200 words, $100 for 1,200-2,499 wordsYhttps://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/submissionsLong response time. Also accepts audio reprints (not given preference).
Nordic Horror (Sentinel Creatives) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/243,0006,000Horror and weird fiction themed to the Nordic regionsNNY
$125.00Pays $125-$200Nhttps://mailchi.mp/6fd523207f32/nordic-horror-brief

GPS Annual Writing Contest ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 1/1 – 4/3005,000Speculative fiction, poetry, and graphic novels, multiple age categories. Limited author demographic: non-professional writers.YYY
$100.00Prizes are $50-$100 gift certificates.Nhttps://geekpartnership.org/programs/writing-contest/

Ruth Anna Evans Horrors ONE-TIME NOVELLA CALL – DUE UNTIL FULL17,50040,000One horror novellaNNY

Under the Pink (Book Slayer Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/243,0005,000Horror themed to Tori Amos. Limited demographic: femme authorsNNY

Etherea Magazine500
Fantasy and SFYYN
$71.88AU$200 for novellas/novellettes, AU$100 for 2,000 – 5,000 words, AU$25 for 500 – 1,000 words and reprintsYhttps://ethereamagazine.com/submissions/Length: 500 – 1,000 words and 2,000 – 5,000 preferred
Archive, The (San Press)0
All genres, weird and unexpectedYYY
$54.25Pays €50Yhttps://www.sanspress.com/guidelines Reprint-friendly. Stories “must be short.”
Fantasy is a Drag! ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/1/24010,000Fantasy themed to drag. Limited author demographic: drag authorsYNN
$50.00Plus royaltiesNhttps://ladyzinnia.com/projects/fantasy-is-a-drag/

Haunting Tales of Romance (Touchpoint Press) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 5/313,0007,000Romance with a speculative elementYYY

Just Chills PODCAST3,0007,000HorrorNNY

Nightmares of Strangers (Touchpoint Press) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 5/313,0007,000HorrorNNY
Yhttps://touchpointpress.com/about/submissions/Annual horror anthology
Science Fiction is a Drag! ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/1/24010,000Science fiction themed to drag. Limited author demographic: drag authorsNYN
$50.00Plus royaltiesNhttps://ladyzinnia.com/projects/a-new-drag-anthology/

Solstitia 020,000All genres, themed issuesYYY

StarShipSofa PODCAST010,000SFNYN
$50.00No pay for < 3,000 words.Yhttp://www.starshipsofa.com/submissions/

Back Into the Ground (Caretaker Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL07,500Horror themed to the Pacific NorthwestNNY

Starship Blunder (Beth Martin Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 6/30/242,00010,000Shared-world SF set on a starship, primarily humorousNYN

Grimm Retold (Speculation Publications) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/19/242,0008,000Horror and dark fantasy themed to Grimm fairy tale retellingsNNY
$25.00Pays $25-$35, depending on lengthYhttps://www.speculationpub.com/submissions

Charlottesville Fantastic (Whitaker Lyon) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/30/241,8005,500Fantasy themed to CharlottesvilleYNN

Roses and Wildflowers1,0007,500Mythopoeic fiction (transformative mythology) and poetry, themedYNN
Nhttps://societyforritualarts.com/rw/2024-spring/submission-guidelines/ ONE-TIME THEMED SUBMISSION WINDOWS: walking away from Omelas, due 6/30/2024 or when full; themed to provided songs, opens 6/1/24; and mytho-anarchism, due 7/1/24 – 8/31/24 or when full
Braag, The2,0003,000Folkloric fantasy and fabulist fiction and poetryYNN
$19.16Pays £15Nhttps://thebraag.co/?page_id=475 Stories will be published in micro-chapbooks, desired length is about 2,500 words. Must be 50%+ previously unpublished.
A Coup of Owls1008,000All genres, especially experimental. Limited author demographic: underrepresented or marginalizedYYY
$13.59Pays £5 – £15, depending on lengthNhttps://www.acoupofowls.com/submissionsSUBMISSION PERIODS (or until full): 3/1 – 3/7, 6/1 – 6/7, 9/1 – 9/7, 12/1 – 12/7
Silver Blade25020,000Fantasy and SF fiction and poetryYYN
$8.00$25 for novellas, $3 for flash fictionYhttps://www.silverblade.net/submissions-2/ANNUAL READING PERIODS: 3/1 – 7/31, 9/1 – 1/31
United Faedom Publishing (Novelettes) – DEAD MARKET100,0000Fantasy novelettesNNN

Centropic Oracle, The (PODCAST) – DEAD MARKET100,0000SF and FantasyNNN$0.008
No audio reprints.
Dark Moon Digest (Perpetual Motion Machine) – DEAD MARKET100,0000Horror – dark, scary, or funnyNNN$0.030


Sciencefictionery – DEAD MARKET100,0000SFNNN$0.040
Pays ₤.03/wdN

Bards and Sages Quarterly – DEAD MARKET100,0000All speculative fictionNNN
$30.00$30 – $50, depending on lengthNhttps://www.bardsandsages.com/closure-announcement.html

Dark Door, The – DEAD MARKET100,0000Pulp horrorNNn
$50.00$15 for < 500 words, $25 for 500-1,000 words, $50 for 1,000+ wordsNhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdVqaB46US5ojfyMv7OI7PtMgD-BxdK7xqN3HiFnHFd8sOt-g/viewform

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