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Aswiebe’s Market List Online – Updated 1/31/24

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NameMin WordcountMax WordcountWhat they wantFSFH/DFPay Per Word USD (originals)Flat Pay USD (originals)Payment NotesReprints (Paid)WebsiteNotesRecently Award-Nominated (Hugo, Nebula)
Clarkesworld Magazine1,00022,000SF and fantasy, likes languageYYN$0.120

N fast response time! Award-nominated
Diabolical Plots03,500Science fiction, fantasy, and horrorYYY$0.100

Strange Horizons010,000All speculative fiction and poetryYYY$0.100


N response time.Award-nominated
Uncanny (novellas)17,50040,000SF/F novellasYYN$0.100

Apex Magazine07,500SF, fantasy, and horror, especially weird and darkYYY$0.080
$50 minimum, $.01/wd additional if podcastedN
Asimov’s Science Fiction1,00020,000Character-oriented SF, borderline fantasy, slipstream, surreal. No sword & sorcery.YYN$0.080
Pays $.08-$.10/wd for less than 7,500 words, $.08/wd for each additional wordN response time.Award-nominated
Beneath Ceaseless Skies0
Literary adventure fantasy in secondary world settings.YNY$0.080

N under 15,000 but will look at longerAward-nominated
Cast of Wonders Podcast07,500Clean YA SF/F/HYYY$0.080
$100 flat for reprints, $20 for flash fictionY 2024 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 2/1/24 – 2/14/24 Halloween themed, 3/16/24 – 3/31/24 Banned Books themed ### Query first for > 6,000 words.Award-nominated
Lightspeed Magazine010,000Science fiction and fantasyYYN$0.080

N Prefers < 5,000 words. SUBMISSION PERIODS: 3/24-3/31 BIPOC SF, 4/1-4/7 general SF, 4/23-4/30 BIPOC fantasy, 5/1-5/7 general fantasy, 5/24-5/31 BIPOC flash SF, 6/1-6/7 general flash SF, 6/23-6/30 BIPOC flash fantasy, 7/1-7/7 general flash fantasyAward-nominated
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF)025,000All speculative fiction and poetryYYY$0.080
Nightmare Magazine1,5007,500Horror/dark fantasy and poetryNNY$0.080

N < 5,000 words. (Usually open 2x yearly, sometimes March and September.) Special flash fiction submission periods. Do not submit if rejected by Lightspeed, okay if rejected by Fantasy Magazine.Award-nominated
Podcastle (Podcast)06,000Fantasy fictionYNN$0.080
$100 for reprints, $20 for flash fictionY Escape Artists publication. Original fiction up to 6,000 words, reprints up to 17,000 (query first). SUBMISSION PERIODS in 2023: 7/1 – 7/31, 11/1 – 11/30Award-nominated
Pseudopod (Podcast)5006,000Horror and dark fantasyNNY$0.080
$100 for reprints, $20 for flash fictionY Escape Artists publication. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIODS: opens 8/1/24Award-nominated
Dark Magazine, The2,0006,000Horror and dark fantasyNNY$0.050

Y response time.Award-nominated
Gallery of Curiosities PODCAST and Curiosities RECURRING ANTHOLOGY07,500All spec fic, especially weird fiction, steampunk, horror, retro-futurism, pre-1950s vibeYYY$0.050
$50 minimumY
GigaNotoSaurus5,00025,000Science fiction and fantasy, especially longYYN
Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag010,000Speculative fiction and poetryYYY
Y ANNUAL SUBMISSION PERIODS: 6/15 – 9/15, 12/15 – 3/15Award-nominated
Neon Hemlock Novellas17,50040,000Science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, and weird, especially queer storiesYYY

Authors choose pay options: royalties only, or advance + royaltiesN SUBMISSION PERIODS: 10/15/23 – 10/30/23Award-nominated
Deadly Drabble Tuesdays (Hungry Shadow Press)100100Horror, weird, dark SF, and dark fantasy drabblesNNY
School Magazine, The01,500Fiction and poetry for children age 8-12 mainstream or fantasyYNN$0.500


Cricket Magazine (Cricket Media)1,2006,000Fiction and nonfiction for kids ages 9-14, incl. SF, fantasy, folk tales, themedYYN$0.250


Spider Magazine (Cricket Media)3001,000Fiction and nonfiction for kids ages 6-9, themedYYN$0.250


Muse Magazine (Cricket Media)8001,200Science nonfiction and science fiction for kids, themed.NYN$0.200
Pays $.20-$.25/wd (estimate based on previous pay) first.
Clubhouse Magazine1,8001,800Christian-friendly fiction for 8-12-year-olds, specifically incl. SF/F YYN$0.150
$.15-$.25/word, $200+ for feature fiction mail only.
Factor Four Magazine01,000All speculative flash fiction, especially SF, fantasy, supernatural, and superhero fictionYYN$0.110


Crepuscular0250Microfiction, all genresYYY$0.100


Deadlands, The05,000Death-themed speculative fiction and poetryYYY$0.100


Elegant Literature5002,000All genres, monthly theme. Limited demographic: non-pro writers only.YYY$0.100

N Submission to magazine is free. Submission to monthly contests requires paid membership.
Fight the Future0
Revolutionary genre fictionYYN$0.100


Ghoulish Tales05,000Fun horrorNNY$0.100


House of Gamut1,0005,000Speculative fiction and poetryYYY$0.100

Y ONE-TIME SUBMISSION WINDOW: new fiction, opens 3/1/24 (currently open for reprints)
khōréō 05,000Fantasy, SF, and horror themed to stories of immigration and diaspora. Limited demographic: diaspora authorsYYY$0.100

Y SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/1-1/31, 4/1-4/30, 7/1-7/30, 10/1-10/31
Winter in the City: A Collection of Dark Urban Stories (House of Gamut) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/243,0007,500Dark fantasy, dark SF, and horror themed to a real-world city in winterYYY$0.100


Worlds of Possibility (Julia Rios)05,000SF and fantasy fiction and poetry, with a sense of hopeYYN$0.100


Blood Knife01,200All spec fic, especially dark, cyberpunk, futuristYYY$0.090


Augur Magazine05,000Literary SF/F, fabulism, slipstream, and poetryYYN$0.088
CA$.11/wd, CA$110 flat for < 1,000 wordsY SUBMISSION PERIODS: 2/1/24 – 2/14/24 Canadian BIPOC, trans, and/or disabled authors
Tales & Feathers Magazine02,500Cozy slice-of-life fantasyYNN$0.088
CA$.11/wdN SUBMISSION PERIODS:2/1/24 – 2/14/24 BIPOC, trans, and/or disabled authors
Little Blue Marble02,000SF fiction and poetry themed to climate change, especially hopefulNYN$0.086
CA$.11/wdY material up to 2,000 words, reprints up to 5,000 words.
Analog Science Fiction and Fact080,000Hard SF and poetryNYN$0.080
Pays $.08 – $.10/wd for up to 20,000 words, $.06/wd for 40,000 – 80,000 word serialsN

Apex Magazine Flash Fiction MONTHLY CONTEST – DUE 7th – end of month01,000SF, fantasy, and horror, themedYYY$0.080
$10 minimumN Monthly themes
Assemble Artifacts 0
Speculative fiction stories of wonder and suspenseYYN$0.080
$.08-$.10/word. Note: pay rates no longer listed on website.N not respond if rejecting. 5,000+ wordcount stories preferred. NOTE: Check terms of contract carefully re “adaptation shopping rights”
Baen Fantasy Adventure Award ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 1/15 – 4/3008,000FantasyYNN$0.080
Pays “pro rate” plus booksN

Baffling Magazine (Neon Hemlock)01,200All speculative flash fiction, with a queer bentYYY$0.080


Book Worms5003,000HorrorNNY$0.080


CatsCast (Escape Artists) PODCAST 06,000Speculative fiction themed to catsYYY$0.080

Cosmic Background, The01,500Weird and slipstream flash fictionYYY$0.080

Y See also:
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores1,000
Science fiction, fantasy, myths/fairy tales, eldritch, stories for young people of all ages, and related nonfictionYYN$0.080

Y shorter stories. SUBMISSION PERIODS:1st and 2nd day of each month.
DreamForge Anvil2007,000Positive science fiction and fantasyYYN$0.080

Y (Historically open for submissions in Fall)
Escape Pod (Podcast) Short Stories1,5007,500SFNYN$0.080
$100 for reprintsY Escape Artists publication. Original work up to 6,000 words. Reprints up to 7,500 words. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: 9/1/23-5/31/24
Fear of Clowns (Kangas Kahn Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/1/241,0004,000Horror themed to clownsNNY$0.080


Fiyah2,00015,000Speculative fiction. LIMITED DEMOGRAPHIC: authors from the African diasporaYYY$0.080


Flame Tree / FantasyCon ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 8/271,0001,000Science fiction and fantasy, themed. YYN$0.080


Flame Tree Newsletter Flash Fiction7001,000Horror and sci-fi, themed. Subscribe to free newsletter for themes.NYY$0.080

N PERIOD: usually 2 weeks at the beginning of the month.
Flame Tree Press ANTHOLOGY SERIES3,0004,000Frequent themed anthologiesYYY$0.080


Frivolous Comma1,0004,000Intersectional speculative fiction and poetry themed to under-represented people, culture, setting, etc.YYY$0.080
$100 minimumN

If There’s Anyone Left 01,000Speculative fiction. Limited demographic: marginalized authorsYYY$0.080

N CLOSURE to general submissions until June 2024. Translations still accepted.
Inclusive Future Magazine03,000SFNYN$0.080


Jim Baen Memorial Writing ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 10/01 – 01/3108,000Near future positive space exploration SFNYN$0.080
Plus membership to the International Space Development ConferenceN

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Fiction Series – DUE 1/1 – 1/31 05,000Historically accurate fiction with lesbian characters and optional historically consistent fantastic elementsYNN$0.080


Maul, The1003,000Intermediate horror, suitable for younger or new to the genre readers, esp. SF-horror and fantasy-horrorNNY$0.080


Metastellar01,200Fantasy, SF, and horror flash fictionYYY$0.080

N all submission windows are paid. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: 3/1/24 – 3/31/24
Moving Across the Landscape in Search of an Idea (Air and Nothingness Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 2/1/24 – 3/31/2401,500Flash fiction or poetry with long titles and abundant marginaliaYYY$0.080


Mysterion09,000SF, fantasy, and horror with Christian themesYYY$0.080

Y WINDOWS: January, July
Old Moon Quarterly1,0006,000Weird sword-and-sorcery fiction and poetryYNY$0.080


Orion’s Belt01,200Literary speculative flash fiction and poetryYYY$0.080

N open Mar-Aug)
All genres of interactive fictionYYY$0.080


Reckoning Magazine020,000All genres, preferably speculative, themed to humanity’s relationship to the earthYYY$0.080


Seize the Press02,000Bleak, dark transgressive speculative fictionYYY$0.080
Pays £.06/wordN

Solarpunk Magazine1,5007,500Solarpunk fiction and poetryNYN$0.080
$100 minimumN 2024 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 4/1 – 4/14 (including Colorful Roots theme), 7/1 – 7/14, 10/1 – 10/14
Story Unlikely Magazine010,000All genres, incl. Fantasy and SFYYY$0.080
Max $150Y ONE-TIME CLOSURE until 2/2/24
Tempered Tales (Brigid’s Gate)1001,500Horror, fantasy, mystery, themedYNY$0.080

N 100-word drabbles, 500 – 1,500 word short stories.
Third Flatiron Press1,5003,000Science fiction, fantasy, horror, themed issues. Flash fiction, no theme required.YYY$0.080


ZNB Presents (Zombies Need Brains)2,5007,500All speculative fictionYYY$0.080
Plus royaltiesN PERIOD: 7/1 – 7/7 annually, possibly plus other open submission calls
Zooscape05,000Furry (anthropomorphic animal) fictionYYN$0.080
$.08/wd, max $80Y fiction < 5,000 words, reprints up to 10,000 words.
Drabblecast PODCAST5004,000SF, fantasy, and horrorYYY$0.060
$300 maxY publishes 100 word and 100 character stories, without pay.
Monstrous Magazine1,0002,000Horror and dark fantasy flash fictionNNY$0.060


Planet Scumm05,000SF and weird fictionNYN$0.060

N Also takes audio rights.
Heartlines1,0003,500SF/fantasy fiction and poetry themed to long-term relationships, incl. PlatonicYYN$0.059
Pays CAD$.08/wdN PERIODS: 5/1/23 – 5/30/23, 9/1/23 – 9/30/23, 1 week early submissions on all deadlines for equity-seeking groups
Alfred Hitchcock’s 012,000Mystery, including paranormalYNY$0.050
Pays $.05 – $.08N response time
Apparition Lit (see also Apparition Lit Flash Fiction)1,0005,000Speculative fiction and poetry, themed. Separate monthly flash fiction contest.YYY$0.050
$50 minN 2024 THEMED SUBMISSION PERIODS (1-week extension for BIPOC): 2/15-2/28 mercurial, 5/15-5/31 anachronism, 8/15-8/31 harbinger
Calliope Interactive1004,000All genre fictionYYY$0.050

N – 1,000 words and 2,000 – 4,000 words. Will be produced as interactive, illustrated fiction.
Dracula Beyond Stoker1,5005,000Horror fiction and poetry inspired by Dracula, themed issuesNNY$0.050

Y THEMED SUBMISSION PERIODS: 5/1/24 – 6/15/24 Lucy’s suitors
Dread Machine04,000Dark SF, horror, magic realism, slipstream, and poetryNNY$0.050

Y up to 7,000 words.
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine25012,000Mystery of all typesYYY$0.050
$.05 – $.08 2,500 – 8,000 words.
Grendel Press ONGOING ANTHOLOGIES2,5007,000Dark fantasy, horror, and dark romance, themed and unthemedNNY$0.050


Heathen07,500Horror and dark fantasyNNY$0.050

Impossible Worlds05,000SF and fantasy and poetryYYN$0.050
$100 minimum

Once Upon a Future Time Vol. 4 (The Brothers Uber) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 2/29/2425015,000Fairy tales retold as SFNYN$0.050
$400 maximumN

Shortwave Magazine1,0006,000Horror, dark fantasy, and SFNYY$0.050
Pays for up to 4,000 wordsN

Xanax Hamster01,500Horror trunk storiesNNY$0.050

N ANNUAL SUBMISSION PERIOD: 2/2 – 2/4 LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, or disabled authors; 2/3 – 2/4 general submissions
Mythulu5002,800SF/F/H fiction and poetry, themedYYY$0.040
Max $75Y ONE-TIME THEME open until full: poetry, themed to fairy tales or maps & biomes
Pays ₤.03/wdN

Tiny Tales Podcast5001,200All genres, with a fantastic elementYYY$0.040


Untitled Infernal Museum Bioids Anthology ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL010,000Shared-world SF themed to bioidsNYN$0.040

Utopia Science Fiction100
Hard SF set in a utopian futureNYN$0.040

N prefers up to 5,000 words, may serialize longer stories
Pulp Literature020,000Short fiction, poetry, and novellas in all genres, not just pulp, especially genre-breaking workYYY$0.038
Pay varies by wordcount, CAD$.02 (longer works) – CAD$.08/word (shorter works)Y Long response time
On Spec06,000All spec-fic fiction and poetry, Canadians preferredYYY$0.037
Pays CAD$.05/wdN

SNAFU (Cohesion Press) ANTHOLOGY SERIES2,0007,500Military SF/horror, themedYYY$0.035
AU $.05/wd.N

Sci Phi02,000Hard SFNYN$0.034
Pays €.03/wdN

Bourbon Penn2,0007,500Odd and imaginative, slipstream, cross-genre, magic realismYYY$0.030


Cosmic Horror Monthly 1,0005,000Cosmic horror, weird, and dark SFNYY$0.030

N PERIODS: 1/1 – 1/7, 7/1 – 7/7
Crab Tales Magazine0250Speculative flash fiction themed to crabsYYY$0.030

Dark Moon Digest (Perpetual Motion Machine)1,5007,000Horror – dark, scary, or funnyNNY$0.030


Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet (Small Beer Press)045,000All genres, especially speculative. YYY$0.030
$25 minimumN gore, sword and sorcery, or porn. Snail mail submissions only. Long response time.
New Myths010,000All speculative fiction and poetry except graphic horrorYYY$0.030
$50 minN ANNUAL SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/1 – 2/28, 6/1 – 7/31
Night Frights (Dark Moon Digest) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 8/103,500PG-rated YA horrorNNY$0.030


Tales From the Canyons of the Damned5005,000Dark SF, Weird, Horror, SlipstreamYYY$0.030


Tenebrous Press Short Story Call1,0007,499New Weird horrorNNY$0.030

Translunar Travelers Lounge05,000Fun SF and fantasyYYN$0.030
$20 minimumN PERIODS: 3/15-3/21 (POC), 3/22-4/15 (all), 9/15-9/21 (POC), 9/22-10/15 (all)
Triangulation ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/1-2/2905,000All speculative fiction and poetry, themed. YYY$0.030

N North American rights, Spanish language rights, audio and electronic rights. ONE-TIME 2023/2024 THEME: hospitality
Under the Stairs03,000HorrorNNY$0.030


What Was Found Too ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY- DUE 3/31/242,0004,000Horror themed to found footageNNY$0.030

Fusion Fragment2,00015,000SFNYN$0.030
Pays CAD$.04/wd., max CAD$400Y ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: open 1/31/24 until full
ParSec Magazine0
SF, fantasy, horror, and slipstreamYYY$0.027
Pays £.02/word up to £180N

Wild Hunt Magazine5001,200Weird and surreal, themed issuesYNY$0.027
£.02/wdN may vary by issue. Note: offers paid critique feature.
Big Bearded Bookseller07,500All speculative fictionYYY$0.025
Pays £.02/word, £20 maxN

Lost Poetry Club, The PODCAST03,000All speculative fiction, especially experimentalYYY$0.025
Pays £.015/word, £10 for otherY Unthemed submissions are also accepted during theme submission periods. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION THEME: epistolary and ephemera fiction, due 2/29/24
Shoreline of Infinity06,000SFNYN$0.025
Pays £20/1,000 wordsN Incl. audio rights.
Fission (British Science Fiction Association) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 2/13-3/106,000SFNYN$0.024
Pays £.02/word, payment caps for 5,000 wordsN

CA$0.025/wd., CA$125 max.N < 6,000 words.
Neon Magazine05,000Dark literary fiction and poetry, especially surreal or speculativeYYY$0.024
Pays £.02/wordY

Anvil2,0008,000Pulp genre fictionYYY$0.020 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: opens February 2024
City. River. Tree. 100500All genresYYY$0.020
$2 min, $10 maxY

Dose of Dread5001,000Flash horror fictionNNY$0.020

N PERIOD: 1st – 15th Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
Dragon Gems (Water Dragon Publishing)2,0006,000Fantasy or science fictionYYY$0.020

Y SUBMISSION PERIOD for horror: April 2024
Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things50012,000All genres for all age groups, especially children ages 10-18YYY$0.020
$20 minimumN

Flash Point SF1001,000Science fiction, fantasy, and dark fantasy flash fictionYYY$0.020

N PERIODS: 1/15-3/31, 5/15-7/31, 9/15-11/30
Horror Story Magazine2,00010,000Horror fiction and poetryNNY$0.020


Mystery Magazine1,0007,500Mystery fiction, including paranormal etc.YYY$0.020


Mystery Weekly Magazine1,0007,500Mystery, including paranormalYYY$0.020


Proton Reader25015,000Speculative fiction, esp. SFYYY$0.020
Pays $.08/wd for first 2,000 words, then $.02/wd.N

Pyre Magazine1003,500Dark speculative fictionYYY$0.020

N CLOSURE until Spring 2025
Radon Journal03,000Science fiction, esp. with transhumanism, anarchy, dystopia, etc.NYN$0.020


Shacklebound Monthly Newsletter0250All speculative fiction, especially darkYYY$0.020


Simultaneous Times Podcast5002,500SFNYN$0.020


Space Westerns Magazine2,5007,500SF/fantasy/horror themed to space westerns, steampunk westerns, and weird westernsYYY$0.020
$100 max. Reprints and originals are paid the same.Y Also accepts serial fiction with wordcount and pay limits applying per episode.
Speculative North Magazine (Tdotspec)07,500Speculative fictionYYY$0.016

Aurealis2,0008,000Science fiction, fantasy, and horrorYYY$0.015
$.02AU-$.06AU, AU$20 minimumN PERIODS: 2/1 – 9/30 (Australian and New Zealand writers), 3/1 – 3/31 (general submissions)
Interzone2,00017,500Science fiction, fantasy, and horrorYYN$0.015
Pays €.015/wordN not submit the same story to Interzone and IZ Digital
IZ Digital (Interzone)05,000Science fiction, fantasy, and horrorYYN$0.015
Pays €.015/wordN Do not submit the same story to Interzone and IZ Digital
Last Girls Club02,500Horror and dark SF/fantasy and poetry from the female perspective, themedNNY$0.015

Y PERIODS (may close early if submission quota is reached): 1/1-2/1, 4/1-5/1, 7/1-8/1, 10/1-11/1. ONE-TIME 2024 Oct THEME: Clones, Drones, and Ready Made Meals.
Stelliform18,000100,000Speculative fiction novellas, novels, and short story collections themed to climate change and adaptationYYY$0.015
CA$.02/wd, CA$2,000 max, plus royaltiesN

Stupefying Stories QUARTERLY THEMED ANTHOLOGIES010,000SF and fantasy short stories and flash fictionYYN$0.015
$15 min. $50 bonus for cover story.N

Weird Horror Magazine5006,000Pulpy, weird fiction and horrorYYY$0.015
$25 minimumN SUBMISSION PERIODS: 3/2 – 3/16, 9/2 – 9/16
Inner Worlds Zine5002,500Speculative fiction themed to inner thoughts, feelings, and dreamsYYY$0.012
Pays £.01/wordY

Seaside Gothic01,000Gothic fiction by the seaYNY$0.012
Pays £.01/wordN ONE-TIME 2024 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/8-1/14, 4/8-4/14, 7/8-7/14, 10/7-10/13
Mythaxis Magazine1,0005,000All spec-ficYYY$0.011
Pays €.01/word, €20 minimumN PERIODS: 23rd-30th of Jan, April, July, Oct
After Dinner Conversation (Magazine and Podcast)1,5007,000Discussion-provoking stories, all genresYYY$0.010
$30 maxY

Aphotic Realm Magazine5005,000Horror fiction, flash fiction, and poetryNNY$0.010


Archive of the Odd5008,000All spec-fic, especially horror, themed to found fiction unconventional story structure like marginalia, ephemera, etcYYY$0.010
Plus royalties. Reprints and originals paid the same.Y

Aurelio Leo1,00017,499All genre fiction, including SF, horror, and fantasy.YYY$0.010
$.08/wd for the first 1,000 words, then $.01/wd for the restN

Baubles from Bones1,00010,000SF and fantasy fiction and poetryYYN$0.010


Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy, The ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/31017,499Science fiction, fantasy, and horror with elements of the aforementioned, previously published in anthology year by an American or Canadian authorYYY$0.010
Pay rate unlisted, $.01 is a standard for many Year’s Best reprint anthologies.Y Reprints only. Please do not wait until the end of year to submit.
Best Horror of the Year ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/010
Pay estimated based on usual “Best of” pay rate.Y

Best Science Fiction of the Year, The ANTHOLOGY – DUE 11/150
Pay rate unlisted, $.01 is a standard for many Year’s Best reprint anthologies.Y only. Print materials due by 11/1, electronic by 11/15.
Bleed Error (Paradox Ghost Press)07,000Unsettling and absurdist SF, fantasy, and horror fiction and poetry.YYY$0.010


Cafe Irreal Magazine02,000Fabulist fictionYNN$0.010
$2 minimumN

Dark Void Magazine3,0004,000Science fiction horror in spaceNYY$0.010


Deeps, The 06,000HorrorNNY$0.010
$20 minimumN

Diet Milk Magazine05,000Gothic fiction and poetryNNY$0.010
$40 minimumN

Dread Imaginings1,5004,000Quiet horrorNNY$0.010


Fear Forge Quarterly Anthology2,0006,000Horror and dark fantasy, themedNNY$0.010


Haven Speculative06,000All speculative fiction and poetry, esp. climate themedYYY$0.010

Y WINDOWS: General submissions Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec. Limited demographic Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, and Nov. ANNUAL THEMED ISSUES: September Wet (water-themed climate fiction) and March Dry (desertification climate fiction)
Hearth Stories1,00010,000Cozy speculative fictionYYN$0.010

N SUBMISSION PERIODS: 3/1 – 3/31, 9/1 – 9/30
Illustrated Worlds05,000Fantasy, dark fantasy, and horrorYNY$0.010


Imagitopia PODCAST05,000Reprint-only fantasy and horror short stories and flash fictionYNY$0.010
$10 minimumY SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/1-1/31, 5/1-5/31, 9/1-9/30
All genres, especially SF/F and the unconventional and weird.YYY$0.010

N 250 – 10,000 words. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIODS: 7/1/24 – 7/31/24, 10/1/24 – 10/31/24
Love Letters to Poe04,000Gothic fiction and poetry themed to Poe storiesNNY$0.010


Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction PODCAST2501,500Flash fiction, all genres esp. SFYYY$0.010
Reprint pay is $.005/wdY

Medusa Tales1005,000Speculative fiction themed to immobilization and/or transformationYYY$0.010


Metaphorosis50010,000SF and fantasy,esp. high fantasyYYN$0.010

N upon acceptance.
Night Terrors (Scare Street) ANTHOLOGY SERIES3,0007,000Creepy literary dark fiction and horrorNNY$0.010
$10/1,000 words etc.N takes non-exclusive audio rights, translation rights
Occult Detective Magazine5,00010,000Themed: occult detectivesYYY$0.010
Pays 1p/word (UK) for fiction , with a cap of £45 (c.$56.00) YHttp:// Query first for > 6,000 words.
Paradox Ghost Press07,000Horror, incl. SF horror and dark fantasyNYY$0.010


Pride Quarterly (Aurelio Leo/Pride Book Cafe)039,999All speculative fiction, from flash fiction to novella and poetry by limited demographic: QTBIPOC creatorsYYY$0.010
$.08/wd for the first 1,000 words, then $.01/wd for the restY

Rakehell3,0007,000Swashbuckling tales, all genresYYY$0.010


Reader Beware Magazine05,000Pulp horror and poetryNNY$0.010

Space and Time Magazine010,000Science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction and poetryYYY$0.010

N PERIODS: 1/15 – 1/31, 7/15 – 7/31.
Speculatief1,0007,000SF, fantasy, and SF horror reprintsYYY$0.010
$25 max market, will be translated into Dutch.
Spooky Magazine05,000Classy cozy horrorNNY$0.010

N SUBMISSION PERIODS: 10/1-12/31, 5/1-7/31
Spoon Knife (Autonomous Press) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 7/31010,000All genres and poetry, themedYYY$0.010
Pays $20 plus $.01/word

Starward Shadows Ezine5006,000Dark speculative fictionYYY$0.010
Flash fiction is paid $10 flat.N

Synthetic Reality Magazine05,000All spec-ficYYY$0.010
Pay rate may vary, should always be at least $.01/wd

Tales to Terrify PODCAST010,000Horror and dark fantasyNNY$0.010
Does not pay for flash fiction < 2,000 words, except for the annual flash fiction contests.Y accepted varies by submission period.
Three Crows Magazine1,0005,000Dark SFF and weird fictionYYY$0.010

N buys translation and audio rights
Two-thousand Word Terrors (Rooster Republic Press)1,8002,000HorrorNNY$0.010

N about 2,000 words, slightly under is okay.
Two-Thousand Word Terrors (Rooster Republic Press)1,5002,000HorrorNNY$0.010


Underland Arcana1,0005,000Mildly speculative and weird fictionYYY$0.010


Unnerving Magazine09,000Horror and crimeNNY$0.010


Untitled Gothic (Egaeus Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/30/241,00012,000Gothic fiction and poetryNNY$0.010
Pays £.80/100 words

Upbeat Tales PODCAST1006,000Upbeat and/or funny speculative fictionYYN$0.010


We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction (Neon Hemlock) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/31017,500Queer speculative fiction published this year.YYY$0.010

Y reprints, from the current year.
Wyldblood Press – Short Fiction1,2007,500Literary SF/F/HYYY$0.010
$75 maxN

Wyldblood Press – Wyld Flash01,200Speculative flash fictionYYY$0.010


Wyngraf – flash fiction01,001Secondary world cozy fantasy flash fictionYNN$0.010

N SUBMISSION PERIOD: Always open to flash fiction submissions
Wyngraf – short stories3,0008,000Secondary world cozy fantasyYNN$0.010


Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, The ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/010
Horror and dark fantasyNNY$0.010
Pay rate unlisted, $.01 is a standard for many Year’s Best reprint anthologies.Y galleys or manuscripts of forthcoming work, to help with reading before the deadline.
Year’s Best Fantasy, The (Pyr Books) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/010
Pay rate unlisted, $.01 is a standard for many Year’s Best reprint anthologies.Y galleys or manuscripts of forthcoming work, to help with reading before the deadline.
Centropic Oracle, The (PODCAST)2006,500SF and FantasyYYN$0.008
CAD$.01/wd.Y audio reprints.
Hexagon Magazine010,000All speculative fiction (SF/F/H)YYY$0.007
Pays CAD$.01/wdN PERIODS: 1/1-1/7, 3/1-3/7, 5/1-5/7, 7/1-7/7, 9/1-9/7, 11/1-11/7
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine010,000All speculative fiction and poetry, especially humorous and lightheartedYYY$0.007
AU $0.01, min AU$20, max AU$100. Flash fiction and poetry AU$10.N and AU/NZ authors can submit up to 20,000 words.
AI, Robot (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 2/15/24015,000SF themed to AINYN$0.005
Pays $5/1,000 words.Y

Kafka Protocol, The (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL015,000SF/F themed to Kafka-esque storiesYYY$0.005
Pays $5/1,000 words.Y

Pelagic Zone, The (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL015,000Speculative fiction themed to the underwaterYYY$0.005
Pays $5/1,000 words.Y

Propagule50010,000All genres, experimentalYYY$0.005
Pays $5/1,000 words, $20 maxN

Summer of Sci-Fi & Fantasy (Worldstone Publishing) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 10/1-10/311,5007,500SF and FantasyYYN$0.005
$15 min. Reprints paid at same rate as originals.Y

Sunshine Superhighway: Solar Sailings (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/31/23015,000Optimistic speculative fictionYYY$0.005
Pays $5/1,000 words.Y

Crimeucopia (Murderous Ink Press)2,00010,000Crime and mystery, including weird and bizarroNNY$0.003
Pays £2 per 1,000 wordsY SUBMISSION PERIODS: 2/1/24 – 2/29/24, 9/1/24 – 9/30/24
Not One of Us06,000All genres about outsiders, misfits, the otherYYY$0.003
$5 minimumN Prefers < 6,000 words.
Tasavvurnama Magazine1,0005,000Fantasy themed to dreams, nightmares, and fantasies. Limited demographic: South Asian and BIPOC authorsYNY$0.003


L Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future QUARTERLY ANTHOLOGY.017,000Spec-ficYYY
$5,000.00$5000-$500N if have three or fewer professional pubs – runs every 3 months. Note: affiliated with Scientology, winners report proselytizing and close link to Church of Scientology.
Imagine 2200 (Grist) ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 6/13 3,0005,000Solarpunk and optimistic climate fictionNYN
$3,000.001st – $3,000, 2nd – $2,000, 3rd – $1,000, finalists – $300

Emerging Writers Contest (Dream Foundry) ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE DATES VARY010,000Speculative fiction. Limited demographic: non-pro authorsYYY
$1,000.001st – $1,000, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $200N

Imagining Indigenous Futures ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 12/104,000Indigenous SF writing sampleNYN
$1,000.00Prize amount no longer listed in guidelines.Y

Sapiens Plurum & Future of Life Institute Short-Fiction Contest ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 4/22 – 6/151,5003,000Optimistic SFNYN
$1,000.001st – $1,000, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $300N

Psychopomp Novellas20,00040,000Speculative fiction and literary novellas, especially themed to death, time travel, goth, and alternative horrorNNY
$750.00Plus royaltiesN ONE-TIME SUBMISSION WINDOW: 1/1/24 – 4/30/24
Story Unlikely’s Annual Short Story Contest ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 10/1 – 12/3104,500All genres, including fantasy, science fiction, etcYYY
$750.001st – $750, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $250

Big Issue Fiction Edition, The – ANNUAL ISSUE, DUE 3/10 – 6/15003,000All genres. Limited demographic: Australian authorsYYY

Imagine Little Tokyo ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 1/3102,500Themed to Little Tokyo past present or futureYYY

Roswell Award and New Suns Climate Fiction Award, The (Omega Sci-Fi Awards) ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 9/29 – 12/195001,500General SF and optimistic climate-themed SFNYN
$500.00Awards: $500 plus online course, $250, and $100N

Vault of Shadows: Issue 1 (Hungry Shadow Press) ONE-TIME ISSUE – DUE 4/1/24 – 4/15/24 (extended for marginalized authors – 5/1/24)3,0007,500Horror to be adapted into a comic bookNNY
$420.00$35/page, up to 12 final comic adaptation pagesY

Electric Literature010,000Literary, all genres, incl. experimental. The Commuter takes flash fiction. Recommended Reading takes short stories.YYY
$300.00$100 for flash PERIODS: Recommended Reading (short stories) has 2 1-week open submission periods, usually in Spring and Fall, The Commuter (flash fiction) has 4 1-week submission periods. NOTE: Long response time.
Mike Resnick Memorial Award for Short Fiction, The ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 11/15 – 4/1 07,499SF short story by a new authorNYN
$250.00Plus Galaxy’s Edge publication payment. Runners up win $100 and $50.N

On the Premises Short Story RECURRING CONTEST – DUE 6/11 – 9/1, 12/? – ?1,0005,000Themed contests, all genresYYY
$250.00Pays $75 – $250, depending on placeN

Book XI: A Journal of Literary Philosophy2,00010,000Fiction with philosophical themes, including SF and humorNYN

Brilliant Flash Fiction Quarterly Contests0400Flash fiction, all genres, sometimes themedYYY
$200.001st – $200, 2nd – $50, 3rd – $50, shortlisted publication – $20N

Craft Literary06,000Literary, with a focus on writing craftYYY
$200.00$100 for flashN

Parsec Short Story Contest ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 1/1 – 5/103,500All speculative fiction, themed. Limited demographic: non-pro writersYYY
$200.001st – $200, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $50, youth prize – $50N

Uncharted Magazine1,0005,000SF, fantasy, horror, and mystery/crimeYYY

Voyage06,000YA, all subgenresYYY
$200.00Reprints are unpaid.N

Silence (Dave Brzeski) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/246,000
Weird fiction themed to Algernon Blackwood’s psychic doctor John SilenceYNY

Futures850950Hard SFNYN

Nature Futures850950Hard SFNYN

No Sleep Podcast, The0
$125.00$0 for < 1,200 words, $100 for 1,200-2,499 wordsY response time. Also accepts audio reprints (not given preference).
Lucent Dreaming Magazine2503,999Literary, strange, and surreal speculative fictionYYY
$101.07Pays £80 for short stories, £30 flash fiction ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: new writers, 12/17/23 – 2/15/24
Al Blanchard Award ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 1/1 – 4/3005,000Mystery, thriller, or horror by New England author or be set in New EnglandNNY
$100.00Plus Crime Bake Conference admissionN

Escape Pod (Podcast) Novelette Reprints7,50018,000SF reprints onlyNYN
$100.00$100 – $175 depending on lengthY Escape Artists publication.
Fabulist Flash, The (The Fabulist Magazine)01,000Speculative fictionYYY

Flash Fiction Online5001,000All genres, including SF/F/H and literaryYYY
Y SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1st to 21st monthly or until full, closed December. They only accept reprints during certain submission periods (ONE-TIME REPRINT SUBMISSION WINDOW: April 2024).
GPS Annual Writing Contest ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 4/30 – 6/3005,000Spec-fic short stories, poetry, and graphic novels, multiple age categories. Limited author demographic: non-professional writers.NNN
$100.00Prizes are $50-$100 gift certificates.N

Hemorrhaging Flowers (Book Slayer Press) – DUE 2/1/24 – 3/31/24 3,0005,000Horror fiction and speculative poetry inspired by the work of Tori Amos. Limited author demographic: femmesNNY

Hentai Ectoplasm (Book Slayer Press) – DUE 4/1/24 – 4/30/24 3,0006,000Shared-world cannabis-positive horrorNNY

Islandia Journal01,500All genres, themed to myth, folklore, history, and ecology of Florida and the CaribbeanYYY

Queer Sci Fi Flash Contest ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 3/1 – 5/10300Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, or horror LGBTQIA+ fiction, themedYYY
$100.001st – $100, 2nd – $75, 3rd – $50 Runners-up may be published without pay.
riddlebird6505,000Literary fiction, including literary genre fictionYYN

Short Story Substack610,000All genresYYY
$100.00Plus subscription revenueY

Taco Bell Quarterly5001,500Literary, all genres, themed to Taco BellYYY

Three-Lobed Burning Eye07,500All speculative fiction, plus western and suspense with speculative elementsYYY
$100.00$100 per story, or $30 for flash fiction.N

Touchpoint Press ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 5/313,0007,000HorrorNNY
$100.00 horror anthology
word west revue05,000Western-themed fiction and poetry, including weird western and weird AmericanaYYY
$100.00$25 for online, $100 for print PERIODS: 9/1-11/1 (not open to fiction 9/23/23), 4/1-6/1
Abyss & Apex010,000All speculative fiction and poetry, including dark but not horrorYYY
$80.00$.08/wd up to 1,000 words, then $80 flatN first for >10,000 words. Regular reading periods 1st wk in February, May, August
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly050,000Heroic fantasy, sword & sorcery fiction and poetryYNN
$75.00Pays $25 – $100, depending on lengthN serialize more than 10,000 words.
United Faedom Publishing (Novelettes)15,00030,000Fantasy novelettesYNY

Weird Christmas Flash Fiction ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 11/60350Weird flash fiction themed to winter holidaysYYY
$75.00$75 main prize, 3 $50 category prizes, honorable mentions $5N

Etherea Magazine5005,000All speculative fiction, especially F/SF.YYY
$71.88AU$100 for 2,000 – 5,000 words, AU$25 for 500 – 1,000 words and reprintsY 500 – 1,000 words and 2,000 – 5,000 preferred
Roads Less Travelled (Midnight Street Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/29/240
Cross-genre speculative fictionYYY
$50.73Pays £40Y

34 Orchard1,0005,000Dark, unsettling fiction and poetry, all genresYYY
N PERIOD: Jan 1 – 15, Jul 1 – 15
Bikes in Space Series ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/155006,000All feminist speculative fiction, themed to bikes plus annual theme YYY
$50.00Pay may be more, depending on (historically successful) KickstarterN 2024 THEME: queer Halloween
Dark Door, The0
Pulp horrorNNY
$50.00$15 for < 500 words, $25 for 500-1,000 wordsY

Dark Yonder3,0005,000Noir and dark fiction, including dark SF and horror-adjacentNYY

Electric Literature5,00010,000Mysteries themed to traditional Sherlock Holmes partnering with traditional Father BrownYNY
$50.00Pays $50-$100 plus Kickstarter percentage

Fairy Tale Review06,000Fairy tale poetry and proseYNY

Furious Gazelle’s Halloween Writing Contest, The ANNUAL CONTEST – DUE 8/19 – 10/604,000All genres, themed to HalloweenYYY
$50.00First place = $50, runners up published and paid $5Y

Horrifying Tales of Wonder (House Blackwood) PODCAST1,0003,500Themed to weird fiction set in the 1880s-1940sNNY

James Gunn’s Ad Astra017,500Science fiction and poetryNYN

Lost Colony Magazine10,00025,000Science fiction and fantasyYYN

Night Coffee Lit0
Literary, including weird and fantasyYNY

Nobilis Erotica PODCAST2,00012,000Speculative fiction eroticaYYY

Paranoid Tree0400Flash fiction, all genresYYY

StarShipSofa PODCAST010,000SFNYN
$50.00No pay for < 3,000 words.Y

Steampunk Sleuths (Black Beacon Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 10/31/2415,00020,000Steampunk mysteriesYYY

Tales to Terrify Flash Fiction Contest ANNUAL PODCAST CONTEST – DUE 2/15 – 4/101,500Flash fiction horror, themedNNY
$50.00Runners-up may be published (without pay?)N

Thirteen PODCAST0
Slow-burn, atmospheric horror for audio dramaNNY
$50.00$50 – $75 depending on length

WriteHive Writing the Future We Need ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 9/1-10/3108,000Speculative fiction, themedYYY

Mycelia03,000Eerie, weird literary fiction and poetryYYY
$44.47Pays £40

Dark Dead Things1,0004,000Weird SF, horror, and poetryNNY

Escape Artists Flash Fiction Contest RECURRING CONTEST – 8/1/24 – 8/31/240500Speculative flash fiction. NNY
N Recurring contest, rotates between Escape Artists publications Escape Pod, PodCastle, and PseudoPod. Subgenre depends on hosting publication.
On the Premises Mini-Contest RECURRING CONTEST2550Themed contests with very limited wordcounts, all genresYYY
$35.001st – $35, 2nd – $25, 3rd – $15N PERIODS: April, May, October, and November
Rock and a Hard Place Magazine2,0005,000All genres, esp. dark fiction, crime, and noir, themed to the bottom of societyYYY

Apparition Lit Flash Fiction MONTHLY CONTEST (see also Apparition Lit)01,000Speculative fiction, themed. Separate monthly flash fiction contest.YYY

Bards and Sages Quarterly020,000All speculative fictionYYY
$30.00$30 – $50, depending on lengthY

Bullet Points100
Military speculative fictionYYY
$30.00$20 for reprintsY Original fiction < 5,000 words, reprints variable.
Crimson Quill Quarterly030,000Sword & sorcery, dark fantasy, and grimdarkYNY
$30.00Longer serialized works will be paid $25/issueN ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: open until 2/14/24
Intrepidus Ink3002,500Speculative flash fiction, action-adventure, speculative fiction, and literary, with intrepid main characterYYN
$30.00$.02/word for < 1,000 wordsN

Max Blood’s Mausoleum1,5008,000HorrorNNY

Slay and Slay Again (Sliced Up Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 2/29/241,0004,000Queer horrorNNY
N May not receive notice of rejection
Creature Feature Classics (Snake Bite Books) ANTHOLOGY SERIES3,0008,000Speculative fiction themed to horror monsters (see submission period themes)YYY
$25.37Pays £20N ONE-TIME SUBMISSION THEME: lyncanthropy, due 4/1/24
Shivering Timbers! (Phobica Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 6/1/242,0004,000Horror themed to piratesNNY
$25.37Pays £20Y

99 Fleeting Fantasies500999FantasyYNN

Anotherealm1,0005,000SF, fantasy, and horrorYYY
N but does not read subs year-round until 10/31, reads subs ONLY 11/1-11/24 for publication next year. Subs received later will be considered in next year’s reading period.
At the Edge of Darkness (Shotgun Honey) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 1/1/24 – 2/29/241,0005,000Horror themed to crimeNNY

Brave New Weird (Tenebrous Press) ANNUAL AWARD / BEST OF ANTHOLOGY – DUE 10/1 – 11/11,0007,499Weird horror first published between 11/1 of previous year and 10/31 of current year, reprints onlyNNY

Cellar Door, The TWICE YEARLY ANTHOLOGY2,00010,000Horror and dark speculative fiction, themed issuesNNY
N THEMED SUBMISSION PERIOD: 12/1/23 – 1/31/24 “Marshland Horrors”
Dead of Winter (Toasted Cheese Literary Journal) CONTEST – ANNUAL, due 10/1-12/2103,000Horror set in autumn or winter, themedNNY
$25.00Prizes $25-$15N theme is posted Oct 1st. Word count range varies by year.
Devil’s Snare: Best New England Crime Stories 2024 (Crime Spell Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 4/30/241,0005,000Mystery, thriller, or horror. Limited demographic: New England authorsNNY

ergot010,000Literary horrorNNY

Et Sequitor Magazine5002,500All genres, themed: continuing from the previous storyYYY

Exodus Manifest, The (Perihelion Publications) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE UNTIL FULL2,5007,500SF themed to humanity leaving earthNYN

Fabulist, The03,000Science fiction, fantasy, intelligent horror, fabulism, fairy tales, folktales, literary fantasy, etc.YYY

Fairy Tale Magazine, The1,0002,000Fairy tale fiction and poetry, themed. ONE-TIME 2024 THEME: classic fairy tales.YNY
N Enchanted Conversation. ONE-TIME 2024 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/22/24 – 1/29/24, 6/17/24 – 6/24/24. NOTE: no rejection notifications sent, assume rejection if not accepted within specified time
First Line, The3005,000All genres fiction and poetry, issues themed to first lineYYY

Flash Frog01,000Flash fictionYYY
N Annual themes: 1/1 – 1/31 annual contest, 7/1 – 7/31 Halloween
History Through Fiction Short Stories1,0007,000Historical fiction, incl. alternate history and with fantasy elementsYYN
N optional “tip” when submitting (don’t)
Hyphen Punk1,0007,500Speculative fiction in -punk subgenres like steampunk, splatterpunk, solarpunk etc.YYY

Moran Press2,5005,000Dark literary fictionNNY
Y or multiple stories up to 5,000 words total.
Outlook Springs0
Fiction and poetry tinged with the strangeYYY
$25.00$10 for flash

Planisphere Quarterly2,5004,000All genres, themedYYY

Pulp Modern3,5005,000Crime, science fiction, fantasy, horror, western pulp, themedYYY

Quiet Ones, The03,000Quiet horror and dystopian fictionNNY
Santa Rage (Misti Media) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 9/30/2405,000Horror themed to a murderous SantaNNY

Savage Realms010,000Sword and sorceryYNN

SFS Stories01,000Golden-age style fantasy and SFYYN
N reprints for no pay.
Short Reads (Black Hare Press)5,00017,000Dark fictionNNY

Solarpunk Magazine Micro Fiction Contest – QUARTERLY CONTEST0250Solarpunk with a quarterly themeNYN
$25.00 ONE-TIME 2024 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 2/14 – 2/21, 5/14 – 5/21, 8/14 – 8/21, 11/14 – 11/21
Stone’s Throw (Rock and a Hard Place)1,0002,000All genres, esp. dark fiction, crime, and noir, themed to the bottom of societyYYY

Story1,0005,000Literary, fantasy, and dark fiction (not horror)YNY

Tabletops & Tentacles1,0006,000Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and noirYYY

Tales of Sley House ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 7/315,0007,000Fantasy, SF, horror, noir, and thrillerYYY
$25.00 “about” 6,000 words. Submission periods: 7/1 – 7/15 college students only, 7/16 until full open for everyone
Third Black Beacon Book of Mystery, The (Black Beacon) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 6/30/243,0009,000Mystery, including horror mysteriesNNY

Unleashed (Skywatcher Press) BIANNUAL ANTHOLOGY SERIES010,000Horror, themedNNY
$25.00Either $25 or royalties, depending on anthologyN THEMED SUBMISSION PERIOD: slasher horror, due 6/5/24
Vanishing Point, The1,5006,000SF, fantasy, and especially horrorYYY

Humour Me ANNUAL Christmas Special – due 11/1 – 12/161,0003,000All genres, themed to funny Christmas storiesYYY
$23.50Pays £18.50 per story, £30 to the favorite.

Fanatical2,0006,000Speculative fiction inspired by a tabletop game YYY
$21.90Pays £20N

Tower 05,000All genres fiction and poetry, incl. horror, SF, and fantasy, themedYYY
$21.64Pays €20Y

After the Storm1,0005,000SF set in a better worldNYN
$20.00Plus Medium payment.Y

Alien Dimensions5,0007,000SF themed to aliens in spaceNYN

Amazing Stories Magazine1,00024,000Science fiction and poetryNYN
$20.00$.08/wd for magazine publication (currently on hiatus), $20 for weekly stories, $10 for flash fiction or reprintsY must create an account and log-in to submit stories.
Astral Alien Fiction1,0007,000Stories told from a non-humanoid PoVYYY
N SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/7 – 1/28, 7/7 – 7/28
Beyond the Shadows II (Inkd Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/31/242,0007,000HorrorNNY
$20.00Choice of $20 or royaltiesN

Brilliant Flash Fiction Magazine01,000Flash fiction, all genres, sometimes themedYYY

Colored Lens, The020,000All speculative fictionYYY
$20.00$10 for flash, $20 + $1/1,000 over 10,000 words.N Fast response time.
Cowboy Up (WolfSinger Publications) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/1/24-7/31/242,5007,500All genres, themed to the rodeoYYY

Diet Milk Minis ANNUAL CALL – DUE 5/1 – 5/3102,000Gothic fiction and poetry, with an annual themeNNY

Electric Spec2507,000All spec-ficYYY

Future Fire, The017,500Progressive speculative fiction and poetryYYY
$20.00$10 for flash fictionY under 7,500 words.
Grimoire Magazine04,500Dark literary fiction and poetry, including speculative fiction, themedYYY

Last Line, The3005,000All genres, themed. Must end with provided last lineYYY
$20.00$20-$40N PERIOD: submissions close 10/1 for the annual issue.
Roses and Wildflowers1,0007,500Mythopoeic fiction (transformative mythology) and poetry, themedYNN

Speculative City05,500All genres, themed to cityscape and issue’s themeYYY
$20.00$20-$55, depending on lengthN

Tales from Between01,000Horror flash fictionNNY

Tree and Stone06,000Weird and speculative literary fiction, especially queerYYY
$20.00$.02/word for < 1,000 wordsN

Yankee Scares (Obsidian Butterfly LLC) ANTHOLOGY SERIES1,0008,000Horror set in Connecticut, themed anthologiesNNY

Other Stories, The (Podcast)1,8002,200Horror, themedNNY
$19.70Pays £15Y

Ghastling, The 03,500Quiet horror, psychological horror, and folk horrorNNY
$18.67Pays £15

Ghastling, The03,500Psychological or quiet horror, ghost stories, themedNNY
$17.74£15N their Twitter for submission windows.
Stygian Zine02,500All genres of fiction and poetry themed to the word stygianYYY
$15.10Pays CAD$20Y

Y 500 – 5,000 words. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIODS: 5/01/24 – 6/30/24
Dragon’s Hoard 2, The (WolfSinger Publications) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 11/1/23-3/31/242,5007,500All speculative fiction, themed to dragons and their hoardsYYY
$15.00Plus royaltiesY

Fall Into Fantasy (Cloaked Press) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 7/103,50010,000FantasyYNY

Lorelei Signal, The010,000Fantasy and SF without 1-dimensional female charactersYYN
Y SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/15-2/15, 4/15-5/15, 7/15-8/15, 10/15-11/15
Maleficence ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 2/29/242,0006,000Speculative fiction themed to disabled, queer villainsYYY

Stupefying Stories Showcase01,000SF, fantasy, and horror flash fictionYYY

Twisted Tales of Halloween Horror: Carnival Carnage (Ladies of Horror) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/29/247,00010,000Horror, themed to carnivals and Halloween, with sex scene. Limited author demographic: women (incl. transwomen) and nonbinaryNNY
$15.00Plus royalties

Funemployment Quarterly1,0005,000SF and fantasyYYN
$14.88Pays CAD$20N

Sprawl Mag, The01,500Speculative fiction and poetryYYY
$14.50Pays CAD$20N

A Coup of Owls1008,000All genres, especially experimental. Limited author demographic: underrepresented or marginalizedYYY
$13.59Pays £5 – £15, depending on lengthN

Gwyllion Magazine010,000All speculative fiction and poetryYYY
$13.08£10Y to Welsh writers. SUBMISSION PERIODS: January, February, July, August.
Paper Butterfly01,000Flash fictionYYY

A-Z of Horror (Red Cape Publishing) ONGOING ANTHOLOGY SERIES4,0008,000Horror, themes change every 2 months.NNY
$11.52Pays £10Y 2024 THEMES: V is for Voodoo – 10/1/23 until full, W is for Witchcraft – 12/1/23 until full, X is for X-rated (erotic horror) – 2/1/24 until full, Y is for Youths (scary kids) – 4/1/24 until full, Z is for Zombies – 6/1/24 until full. RIGHTS: Must not be available elsewhere.
All Worlds Wayfarer1005,000All speculative fictionYYY

Broken Antler Quarterly / The Marrow05,000Horror, dark SF, and dark fantasy fiction, flash fiction, and poetryNYY
$10.00$20 if also accepted for annual print issue—all submissions are automatically considered for thisN

Daikaiju Zine1,0006,000All spec-ficYYY

Deathcap & Hemlock01,000Themed to dark fiction in recipe formatNNY

Drop, The2501,000Dark fantasy and dark SF flash fictionYYY
Y NOTE: accepted submissions are also publicly critiqued.
Dusty Attic Publishing5002,000Spooky and fantastical flash fiction and poetryYNY

Flickers of Fear0300Horror flash fiction and poetryNNY
$10.00 ONE-TIME THEMED SUBMISSION PERIOD: Spring theme, 1/1/24 – 1/7/24
Freeze Frame Fiction01,000Flash fiction, all genresYYY
N PERIODS: 8/1 – 12/31, 2/1 – 6/30
Mithila Review08,000All speculative fictionYYY
$10.00Pays $10 – $50, depending on length and Patreon fundingY also takes audio rights
Night’s End, The PODCAST2,0008,000Dark speculative fiction, some themed issuesNNY
Y THEME SUBMISSIONS: Halloween and Gothic/ghost stories due 8/29/22
Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag010,000Speculative fiction, esp. edgy or idealisticYYY
$10.00Plus royaltiesY

Strange Locations (Apex Magazine) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 1/15/24 – 2/15/240250Dark speculative fiction themed to travel guidesNNY

Swords and Sorcery1,5008,500High fantasy and historical fantasyYNN

Tales from the Moonlit Path02,000Dark speculative fiction and horrorNNY
$10.00$10 for quarterly issues, $50 and honorable mentions for Special Edition challengesN

Tales from the Moonlit Path02,000Horror and dark speculative fictionNYY

Tall Tale TV PODCAST1,0006,200Science fiction and fantasyYYN

Waystation1,5002,500Space operaNYN

Whetstone1,5002,500Pulp sword and sorceryYNN

Witch House1,5002,500Cosmic horrorNNY

Frost Zone Zine 4001,000Dark fiction and quiet horrorNNY

Silver Blade25020,000F/SFYYN
$8.00$25 for novellas, $3 for flash fictionY periods: Dec-Jan, Mar-Apr, Jun-Jul, Sep-Oct
Myriad (Hexagon Magazine)01,000All speculative fiction, themedYYY
$7.30Pays CAD$10N

Colp (Gypsum Sound Tales) ANTHOLOGY SERIES1,0005,500All genres, themedYYY
$6.68AU$5.00 for < 2,500 words, AU$10 for longerN Recurring anthology series, currently closed to submissions until ?
Thuggish Itch (Gypsum Sound Tales) ANTHOLOGY SERIES1,0005,000Themed horror, SF, and speculative fictionYYY
$6.68AU$5.00 for < 2,500 words, AU$10 for Recurring anthology series, currently closed to submissions until ?
Yabblins (Gypsum Sound Tales) ANTHOLOGY SERIES1,00020,000All genresYYY
$6.68AU$5.00 for < 3,000 words, AU$10 for 3,000-7,000 words, AU$15 for 7,000-11,000, AU$20 for 11,000-20,000N

Androids and Dragons5005,000All speculative fictionYYY

Chrome Baby05,000Literary/dark SFNYN

Corvid Queen05,000Feminist fairy and folk tales, retellings, and pop culture stories.YNN
Y only okay if original market is defunct.
Fantastic Other, The03,500Fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and surrealYYN

In the Bleak Midwinter (Diet Milk Magazine) ANNUAL CALL – DUE 10/1 – 10/3101,000Gothic micro fiction, flash fiction, and poetryNNY
$5.00$3 for micro fiction, $5 for flash fictionN

Insignia’s Best Asian Speculative Fiction ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY – DUE 6/1 – 6/301,0006,000All speculative fiction set in Asia with an Asian main character, reprints onlyYYY

Luna Station Quarterly5007,000Fantasy, science fiction, creepy horror by women-identified writers onlyYYN
Y Submission periods: Sept 15 – Nov 15, Dec 15 – Feb 15, Mar 15 – May 15, June 15 – Aug 15
Mirror Dance0
Fantasy, science fantasy, and dark fantasy fiction and poetryYNY
Y < 5,000 words preferred.
Space Squid7502,000Funny SF humor, weird, bizarro, fantasy, etc.YYY

StoSo Times and StoSo Ink 010,000Speculative fiction and poetryYYY

Tales from the Radiator (Strong Branch Productions) PODCAST02,000All weird fiction and speculative fictionYYY
Y non-exclusive audio rights, plus reprint rights.
Timber Ghost Press Flash Fiction & Poetry01,000Horror fiction and poetryNNY

Trembling with Fear10015,000Horror, dark SF, and dark fantasy, themed and unthemedYYY
$5.00Can donate payment to support site. 100-word drabbles are unpaid.Y and reprint acceptability varies, prefers unthemed stories in 800-1,500 range, themed up to 2,500, may serialize longer. ANNUAL SUBMISSION THEMES: 12/1 – 1/25 Valentine, 2/1 – 7/31 Summer Holiday, 7/1 – 10/13 Halloween, 7/1 – 12/7 Christmas.
Dark Moments (Black Hare Press)100100Dark fiction drabbles, monthly themeNNY

Every Day Fiction01,000All flash fictionYYY

Small Wonders01,000Speculative flash fiction and poetryYYY
Y Up to 1,100 words for reprints. Has special reprint-only submission periods.
FiftyWordStories.com5050Microfiction, all genresYYY
$0.00Best of the month gets CA$10Y PERIOD: 1st – 15th each month
Hoot0150All genres, flash fiction and poetryYYY
$0.00Unclear if is still a paying market.N

Mirror World Publishing – Novellas25,000125,000Escapist genre fictionYYN
$0.0050% royaltiesY ANNUAL SUBMISSION PERIOD: 10/1 – 11/30
Twelve House Books30,000
Weird novellas, novels, and story or poetry collectionsYYY
$0.00Pays royalties.

Wigleaf01,000Flash fiction and micro fiction, all genresYYY

Wyldblood Press – Novels and Novellas20,000110,000Science fiction and fantasyYYN
$0.00Royalties onlyN

Future Fiction2,50087,500Near-future hard SFNYN

Unknown payment.Y accepted in 13+ different languages and published in translation to Italian and German. Reprints ONLY.
House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, The05,000SF and poetry, themedNYN

Pays CAD$50-CAD$75. Website does not list payment when there is not an open call.Y

Nightfire (Tor/Forge’s Horror Imprint) 17,500
Horror novels and novellasNNY

Payment varies, but assume professional rates.N

Pressfuls Novellas20,00030,000SF, fantasy, horror, and crime/mysteryYYY

Pays 35% royaltiesN

Split Scream Novelettes (Tenebrous Press) Series10,00020,000New Weird horrorNNY

Pays “Modest advance + Industry standard royalties”N

Tenebrous Press Novella and Novel Call20,000
New Weird horrorNNY

Pays “Modest advance + Industry standard royalties”N SUBMISSION PERIOD: open for pitches except for January

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