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Aswiebe’s Market List is a monthly market listing newsletter of publications that 1) don’t charge fees, and 2) do pay for science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories (and novelettes and novellas). It covers magazines, anthologies, and no-fee contests. There is also a downloadable market listing spreadsheet, which is updated monthly.

I’ve been saving markets into my spreadsheet for years. I wanted an easy way to find just a certain type of market without having to read through hundreds of listings. This way I can look at, for example, only science fiction markets that accept reprints greater than 10,000 words. I’ve chosen to share this spreadsheet in the hopes that others will find it useful.

I list only speculative fiction markets that offer compensation beyond “royalties-only” or “POD shared payment.” If payment is dependent on a not-yet-funded Kickstarter, I may take into account the track record of the editors.

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