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Creating Cognitive Dissonance for Fun and Profit

One of my favorite writer-tricks is when something the reader thinks they understand is mentioned, and then that something acts in a way that breaks the reader’s understanding. The oft-quoted example of this is Heinlein’s, “The door irised open…”

I love this as both a reader and a writer. As a reader, I can literally feel the pieces shifting around in my mind when this happens. As a writer, I love things that appear simple at first and later reveal themselves to be much more complex.

This is particularly handy in science fiction (or horror). Humans have a tendency to call things after what we know, even if it isn’t quite the same. A clever writer can build the strangeness piece-by-piece around what seems superficially similar.

“Good boy, Rex!” Lucy beamed at her dog and tossed him a treat.

Rex grabbed the treat out of the air with one tentacle, wagging his tail furiously the whole time.

Technology evolves. But after the initial, “This is something different!” reaction, we often go back to calling it by the same old name.

We’re all carrying a real-world SFnal example of this around in our pockets, too. I don’t refer to my “handheld mobile cellular telephone,” or even my “cellphone” anymore–it’s just my phone.

I think about this when I read an older science fiction story where the writer obviously went through an intense struggle to name and describe something futuristic that fills a niche that isn’t really all that different.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. It can be easy, if you lean into the dissonance.

What I’ve been up to lately, writing-wise:

Thank you for your patience! I’ve been trying to overhaul my author website (not the same as the market list one). My brain weasels told me that writing this newsletter had to be contingent on finishing part of my author website … which is why this newsletter is going out truly, absurdly later than the normal schedule. I had to corral my brain weasels first, and they’re wiley!

No, the website is not yet done. Yes, I will get to it soon. Yes, you should expect another market list update newsletter in a week or so. Although this newsletter is going out late, the most recent market listing updates were done earlier.

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Featured Market

The Little Guts anthology (Little Ghosts Press) wants your pitches for gross, gory horror, pays CA$.12/word (about US$.088). Submit pitch only.

Hey all! Lor here. Some of you might know me for my love of GROSS, GOOPY HORROR—which is exactly what this anthology aims to be! I’ll be looking for pitches that evoke FUN and DISGUST, like Peter Jackson’s Braindead, and the films of Frank Henelotter. Shows like Freaky Stories and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Like a pig in mud, we revel in the nasty and go, “hey, check this out! Made me want to barf!” Give me fluids! Guts and gore! Slime, ooze and GOOP!

Your story can feature dark themes and heavy topics, but have FUN with it. There are no restrictions. Content warnings will be made available when the book is published. All writers of any skill level or background are encouraged to submit!

Little Ghosts Press

Basics: horror, submit pitch for 2,000-5,000wd story, reprints not mentioned, pays CA$.12/word. Pitches due: 5/31/24.


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The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 5/15/2024. If you don’t want to miss an update, subscribe to the Aswiebe’s Market List newsletter: