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New Markets Update December 2018: Five Minutes in a Hotel

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The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 1/15/2019.
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Thoughts in Passing
Happy Holidays! I hope you are having a joyful Christmas Eve, if you celebrate it. Me, I like Iceland's idea of  Jólabókaflóđ, the Yule Book Flood. In addition to our usual Christmas Eve festivities, I absolutely plan on settling in with some chocolate and a book this evening after the children are asleep.

If you are reading this after the holidays, perhaps because you've chosen to unplug for a while, go you! I hope you feel relaxed and refreshed.

And don't forget that ebooks are a great way to spend the last few dollars of that gift card you got, and novellas are particularly affordable. Here are the Nebula award nominees for novella this year and here's my small yet epic fantasy.

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:

I am embracing the idea of a writing session being a success even if you only write 3 sentences. It's removed a lot of the pressure, and so I feel less of an urge to procrastinate and end up writing more. Usually for me, it isn't the writing that's a problem, it's the starting to write. This helps, and I'm happy with how it's encouraging me to keep my mind in my project and to write every day. Because after all, I can do those ten urgent other things after I've written my 3 sentences, and if I feel like writing more once I get started (I usually do), then those ten other urgent things can wait a little longer.

Things Shiny or Useful
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Featured Market

New pro themed anthology! Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove wants all genres, pays $.06/wd.

  • Stories must meet two basic criteria. First, they must take place over the span of five minutes. Second, they must take place at a specific era, location, and time of day within the rooms or grounds of the Hotel Stormcove.
  • In order to maximize ease of writing across genres, we are not adhering to a strict Earth location and timeline. Contemporary writers will find the current hotel equipped with modern amenities. Historical fiction writers would be best writing generic stories in an era, but not based on specific local events. Fantasy writers may find low or urban fantasy easier with this theme, but I don’t doubt your ability to work in high fantasy elements and hope you will enjoy the challenge. And steampunk writers, well you can stage a whole mechanical speakeasy in the cocktail lounge. Mystery has the gift of finding a dead body in the hotel room, but you know, have fun with it. And so on.

  • Basics: all genres--themed, under 4,000 words, no reprints, pays $.06/wd, due 1/31/2019. Guidelines:

    Market List Updates
    To see all the details about these new listings and what they're looking for, as well as hundreds of other listings, go to Aswiebe's Market List and download the latest version of the spreadsheet.
    Name What they want Pay Per Word Flat Pay (Lowest) Website
    Terraform (Motherboard) SF $0.200
    Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 1/31/2018 All genres, themed to the hotel $0.060
    Flame Tree Newsletter Flash Fiction Horror and sci-fi, themed $0.060
    Apotheosis 2 ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 12/31/2018 Themed to human survival after the return of the Elder Gods $0.030
    Monsters Out of the Closet PODCAST Horror by LGBTQ+ creators $0.020
    Crimson Streets Pulp, but not straight SF $0.010
    StoryHack Action and adventure in any genre $0.010
    Wyrm's Gauntlet RECURRING CONTESTS Written to prompt,multiple rounds
    Future Visions Anthology Series SF
    Asteroids ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 3/1/2019 SF, themed to asteroids
    Family ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 3/1/2019 Fantasy, themed to family
    Bloodbond (Alban Lake) Themed: vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters
    Disturbed Digest (Alban Lake) Horror and dark fantasy
    Outposts of Beyond (Alban Lake) SF/F
    FrostFire Worlds (Alban Lake) SF/F for readers of all ages
    Chrome Baby Literary/dark SF
    Penny Fiction (From the Depths Literary Magazine) Micro-fiction
    Orthogonal SF - DEAD MARKET Spec-fic, especially indefinable and experimental
    Electric Athenaeum - DEAD MARKET Science fiction, fantasy, and horror, themed issues
    4 Star Stories - DEAD MARKET SF/F
    WiFiles - DEAD MARKET All spec-fic
    Something Wicked ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY - DEAD MARKET Science fiction and horror $0.010
    Worlds Without Master - DEAD MARKET Sword & sorcery and sword & planet
    Unsettling Wonder - DEAD MARKET Themed: folklore and fairytale $0.010
    Stoneslide Corrective, The - DEAD MARKET (no longer accepts unsolicited subs) All genres
    Leading Edge - DEAD MARKET??? (website suspended 11/24/2018) F/SF $0.010
    Black Denim Lit - DEAD MARKET Literary, all genres except erotica and horror $0.010

    Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

    Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Compiler of Lists
    Aswiebe's Market List
    Abra Staffin-Wiebe's Author Website

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