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New Markets Update July 2021: Mysterion wants ✝️👽Christian-related spec-fic, Diversicon's coming up fast ... and other Aswiebe's Market List updates!

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The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 8/15/2021.
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Thoughts in Passing
So here's a trick you can do to get better at writing ... that doesn't involve practicing fiction writing. Read 20 books. Not only the award-winning books in your genre (read those, too, but not all for this exercise), not the newest hot releases, not even only books in your genre. Don't even read the books all the way through. Go to your local library and pick an assortment of 20 books off the shelves. Do not read the back cover copy. Do not try to find books to your tastes. Grab a few from each genre: mystery/thriller, romance, mainstream, YA, SF/fantasy/horror, western, classics.

Go home, pick up a book, grab a notebook and pen, and start reading. In the first 25 pages, does it hook you enough to want to keep reading? When? How? Was it plot, word-craft, character, questions unanswered, worldbuilding, something else? If it didn't, why not? What were you looking for that you didn't find? How do you feel about the main character(s)? Why? What would have made you feel differently? Are there any relationships (romantic or otherwise) that you want to know more about? How about the setting? Does it affect the story's appeal (for you) at all? Why or why not?  Were there any points where you got mad, frustrated, or so bored that you just wanted to stop reading? When you kept reading, did that urge to stop reading change at any point? Why? Make notes, including page numbers.

Flip to the end of the book. Read the last 10 pages (not including epilogues). What do you see that connects to the beginning? What do you see that seems totally disconnected? Have the characters had an internal change or do they seem the same? Are the tone and mood different or the same as at the beginning? How about the setting?

Take your time to read through the beginning of all the books and take your notes (but remember the library due dates!). Finish the books if you like (why?), stop after 25 pages if you don't (why?). After you've gone through *all* the books, set aside a couple of hours to sit down to read all your notes and flip through to the key points of *all* the books. Try to do this in one chunk of time.

That's it. Your brain will figure out patterns, because that's what humans do. Pay attention. For bonus points, read the first 25 pages of your novel in progress immediately after the big notes review.

(Do you have a writing question? Send it to me, either by replying to this email or by using the comment form on my website, and it may get answered in the next newsletter.)

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:


I'm the Special Guest at Diversicon, a small, mellow, local, in-person Minnesota convention! The theme is "The Roaring 2020s" and it will be held July 30th - August 1st, 2021 at Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West in Plymouth, MN. Register for Diversicon:


Immediately before, I will be doing a reading with Michael Merriam at Dreamhaven. This marks the return of the in-person Speculations Reading Series at Dreamhaven! After difficulties, the Speculations Readings Series returns in July to DreamHaven Books, 2301 38th St E, Minneapolis. As before, the readings will run from 6:30-7:45 p.m., including an autographing and reception with free soda pop and cookies. After the event, interested persons will adjourn to a bistro to hang out. Dreamhaven Books

Things Shiny or Useful
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25 Essential Notes on Craft from Matthew Salesses: Rethinking Popular Assumptions of Fiction Writing:

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CoKoCon Conversations (social), July 25:
ReaderCon, August 13-15 ($25):

The Nebula Conference has ended, but you can still register for recorded panels and year-round special events ($125):

Featured Market
Mysterion wants science fiction, fantasy, and horror that engages with Christianity, pays $.08/word, open to submissions until July 31st.

  • The story must have a speculative element. It needs something beyond the everyday. We love science fiction and fantasy, enjoy good ghost stories, and think there's great fiction material hidden in the mysteries of Christian theology--cherubim, leviathan, nephilim, visions, prophecy, and more.
  • The story must engage with Christianity. We want stories with Christian characters whose faith affects their actions, with Christian themes such as grace and redemption, or with a Christian view of the supernatural. Note that we're not saying that you must be a Christian. We are not in a position to judge your faith and won't try, and we welcome submissions from authors of all backgrounds and perspectives. Nor does your story need to be unambiguously pro-Christian. If you can tell a good story that meaningfully engages with Christianity, we want to read it.
  • We publish accepted stories submitted in January between July and December that year, and stories submitted in July between January and June of the next year. If your story is seasonal (Christmas, Easter, Presidents' Day), please take this into consideration.

  • Basics: SF, fantasy, and horror, 1 - 9,000 words, pays $.08/word, accepts reprints ($.04/word), annual submission periods in January, July.
    To see all the details about these new listings and what they're looking for, as well as hundreds of other listings, go to Aswiebe's Market List and download the latest version of the spreadsheet.

    Name What they want Pay Per Word USD (originals) Flat Pay USD (originals) Website Notes
    Augur Magazine Literary SF/F, fabulism, slipstream $0.088 80% Canadian. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: through 7/31/21, themed to "joyful imaginations"
    Amazing Stories SF, esp. optimistic or humorous $0.080 ONE-TIME closure until late July 2021.
    Constellation / Constelación Magazine Spanish or English speculative fiction, themed $0.080 ONE-TIME 2021 THEME 7/15/21 - 7/31/21: Love Needs No Translation.
    Dark Matter Magazine Science Fiction $0.080 ONE-TIME CLOSURE until late Q3 2021. NOTE: This is NOT the same publication as Dark Matter Zine.
    Flame Tree Press Frequent themed anthologies $0.080 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION CALL: 7/9/21 - 8/1/21, themed to Asian Ghost Stories
    Frozen Wavelets Speculative flash fiction and poetry $0.080 ONE-TIME CLOSURE UNTIL August 2021 ### Reprints 500 - 1,500 or fewer words, original fiction 750 or fewer words.
    Mysterion SF, fantasy, and horror with Christian themes $0.080 SUBMISSION WINDOWS: January, July
    Pseudopod (Podcast) Horror and dark fantasy $0.080 ONE-TIME 2021 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 3/1/21-7/31/21 2021 Anthologies and Collections, 8/10/21-8/31/21 flash fiction contest, 9/1/21-9/31/21 general submissions open. ###An Escape Artists publication.
    Third Flatiron Press Science fiction, fantasy, horror, themed issues. Flash fiction, no theme required. $0.080
    Woman Built by Man, A (Cemetery Gates Media) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 9/5/21 Horror themed to women shaped by men, written by women and femme-identifying people $0.050
    Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet (Small Beer Press) All genres, especially speculative. $0.030 No gore, sword and sorcery, or porn. Snail mail submissions only. Long response time.
    Stories We Tell After Midnight, Vol 3 (Crone Girls) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 7/17/21 Horror $0.020
    Shoreline of Infinity SF and Fantasy $0.013 RIGHTS: Also takes audio rights. ONE-TIME 2021 SUBMISSION PERIODS: Jun 14 - Aug 30th flash fiction contest themed to science fiction ghost stories, Sept 11 - 13 general submissions, Nov 11 - 13 general submissions.
    Cosmic Horror Monthly Cosmic horror and dark SF $0.010 SUBMISSION PERIOD: 1/1 - 2/28
    Lackington's Speculative fiction, themed $0.008 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: 8/1/21 - 8/31/21 (theme: Botanical)
    Phantasmical Contraptions and More Errors (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE UNTIL FILLED Steampunk, dieselpunk, biopunk, etc. $0.005
    Titanic Terastructures (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 10/31/21 SF/fantasy themed to or set in megastructures $0.005
    Big Issue Fiction Edition, The - ANNUAL ISSUE, DUE 5/31 All genres
    Vautrin Urban fiction and crime/mystery, incl. with paranormal elements
    $130.00 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: until 9/1/21
    GigaNotoSaurus Science fiction and fantasy, especially long
    Micro Madness (Cosmic Horror Monthly) MONTHLY CONTEST - 1st - 7th Weird fiction, cosmic horror, and dark SF
    Bikes in Space Series ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY - DUE 9/1 All speculative fiction, themed to bikes plus annual theme (ONE-TIME 2021 THEME: books and bikes in space)
    Midnight Bites ANTHOLOGY SERIES Novella and novelette horror, themed and unthemed
    New Gothic Review Gothic fiction, including SF and weird, more dark fiction than horror
    $50.00 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/1 - 3/1, 7/1 - 8/31
    Untitled Urban Legends Anthology (Gordon B. White) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 8/1/21 Horror themed to urban legends
    Pseudopod Flash Fiction ANNUAL CONTEST - DUE 8/10 - 8/31 Horror flash fiction
    Deadsteam II (Grimmer & Grimmer Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 8/16/21 Gaslamp horror with monstrous creatures
    Blood Moons (Blood Rites Horror) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 9/5/21 SF horror themed to space
    Camp Horror (Blood Rites Horror) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 8/31/21 Queer horror
    Pulp Harvest (Blood Rites Horror) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 7/31/21 Horror themed to serial killers and slashers, bonus if autumnal
    Halloween Horror Vol. 3 (DBND Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 7/31/21 Halloween-themed horror
    Last Girls Club Horror and dark SF/Fantasy from the female perspective
    Let the Weirdness In: A Kate Bush Tribute Anthology ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 8/3/21 Weird or dark fiction inspired by Kate Bush's work
    Mythaxis Magazine All spec-fic
    $20.00 15th-31st of Jan, April, July, Oct
    Night Terrors PODCAST Horror
    Fuckening, The (Sci-Fi Lampoon) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 11/30/21 OR UNTIL FULL Funny F/SF/Horror, themed to the moment when a good day goes wrong. No erotica.
    $10.00 RIGHTS: 6 month exclusive print rights, then non-exclusive.
    Rune Bear Quarterly - QUARTERLY CONTEST All genres, themed
    Cross+Decay - DEAD MARKET Dark, eerie fiction, themed $0.010

    Weirdbook Magazine - DEAD MARKET Fantasy, weird, horror, and science fantasy, themed $0.005
    Tell-Tale Press - DEAD MARKET SF, fantasy, horror, and mystery/crime $0.005

    Owl Canyon Hackathon ANNUAL CONTEST - DEAD MARKET All genres, 50 paragraphs with provided first and last

    Macabre Museum, The Dark fiction, horror, and weird, as well as poetry

    Mortal Realm ANTHOLOGY SERIES - DEAD MARKET Themed: new worlds, adventure, and death

    Cross+Decay - DEAD MARKET Dark, eerie fiction, themed $0.010

    Weirdbook Magazine - DEAD MARKET Fantasy, weird, horror, and science fantasy, themed $0.005
    Tell-Tale Press - DEAD MARKET SF, fantasy, horror, and mystery/crime $0.005

    Owl Canyon Hackathon ANNUAL CONTEST - DEAD MARKET All genres, 50 paragraphs with provided first and last

    Macabre Museum, The - DEAD MARKET Dark fiction, horror, and weird, as well as poetry

    Mortal Realm ANTHOLOGY SERIES - DEAD MARKET Themed: new worlds, adventure, and death

    Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

    Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Compiler of Lists
    Aswiebe's Market List
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