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Last updated 12/16/2017 - Next update after 1/15/2018

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Over 500 active, paying markets!

Updated after the 15th of each month, as time allows.

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New Markets Update Dec 2017: If This Goes On political SF anthology & more


The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 1/15/2018 (NEXT YEAR!!).
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Thoughts in Passing

A couple of big things are changing for professional writers next year. Get ahead of the changes now!

First, if you file taxes as a writer, be aware that both versions of the Trump tax bill will be removing the meals & entertainment deduction! This is painful for writers used to talking shop and doing business over a meal or a drink. https://taxbot.com/blog/blog/2017/12/11/republican-tax-bill-goodbye-meals-entertainment-deduction/

Second, Goodreads is ENDING its free (for publishers/authors) book giveaway program! Starting in January, they will be charging quite hefty fees for all giveaways. So if you've got something coming out soon, schedule that giveaway now while it's still free! And if you're a reader, go look at the giveaways! I predict a bump as publishers/authors try to sneak their giveaway in under the deadline. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:

I'm doing a December writing challenge! The goal is write something, anything, for every day this month (with two skip days of your choice). It's reminding me of the value of writing every day. It really keeps the current story in the forefront of my mind.

Things Shiny or Useful
Archive of all shiny or useful links: http://www.aswiebe.com/writing/shiny.html 

From Slush Pile to Big Five: How to Stay Sane While Working on your Debut: http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/slush-pile-big-five-stay-sane-working-debut

Hard-Core Manuscript Formatting: https://larawillard.com/2014/10/24/hard-core-manuscript-formatting/

How to Research a Literary Agent: https://blog.nathanbransford.com/2017/06/how-to-research-literary-agent

Featured Market
One Teen Story Teen Writing Contest wants fiction from writers ages 13-19.

We’re excited to announce our newest One Teen Story Contest! From November 15th, 2017 through January 14th, 2018, we’re asking writers ages 13-19 to enter their original, unpublished fiction. We are interested in great short stories of any genre—literary, fantasy, sci-fi, love stories, horror, etc. What’s in a great short story? Interesting characters, strong writing, and a beginning, middle and end.

Basics: all genres, 2,000 - 4,500 words, no reprints, no entry fee, pays $500. Guidelines: https://www.one-story.com/index.php?page=submit&pubcode=ots.

Market List Updates
To see all the details about these new listings and what they're looking for, as well as hundreds of other listings, go to Aswiebe's Market List and download the latest version of the spreadsheet.

Name What they want Pay Per Word Flat Pay (Lowest) Website
Factor Four Magazine SF, fantasy, superhero, and supernatural $0.080
If This Goes On (Parvus Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 3/1/2018 SF, themed to policy implications $0.080
Apex's Annual Flash Fiction Contest - due 10/15-11/16 Themed $0.060
Ogrezine Themed to the Ogre game $0.060
Tin House Literary fiction, SFF-friendly $0.060
Corpus Press Halloween Anthology ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 3/30/2018 Halloween-themed horror $0.030
Apparition Speculative fiction, themed. Separate monthly flash fiction contest. $0.010
Hypnos Magazine Weird fiction $0.010
Behind the Mask - Tales From the Id ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 11/30/2017 Horror
$38.40 http://thingsinthewell.webs.com/submissions
Bête Noir Dark
$10.00 http://www.betenoiremagazine.com/magazineguidelines.htm
Brewed Awakenings (Caffeinated Press) ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY All genres
$50.00 http://www.caffeinated-press.com/anthology/
Enchanted Conversation Themed to classic fairy tales
$30.00 http://www.fairytalemagazine.com/p/blog-page_22.html
L Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future QUARTERLY ANTHOLOGY. Spec-fic
$5,000.00 http://www.writersofthefuture.com/writer-contest/
Wild Musette Journal of Music, Mystery, and Myth, The Themed to music, dance, relationships, environmental, or fantasy and mythic fiction
$50.00 https://www.wildmusette.com/submissions/
Exploits in the Adirondacks (Pub 518) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 12/31/2017) All non-erotica genres, dealing with happenings in mountains / woods / small back-water towns
$5.00 http://www.pub518.com/submit-to-us.html

Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Compiler of Lists
Aswiebe's Market List
Abra Staffin-Wiebe's Author Website

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